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Jeanette L

Jeanette L started this conversation
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While there are programs that provide financial support for caregivers you have to be VERY CAREFUL as to what programs you apply for when you are seeking caregivers because some of these programs will take the money that they provided for paying the caregiver out of the cared for person's estate. That may be something that you don't care about but if you do read over carefully before you sign up for anything!
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Jeanette L Im in a similar sitiation caring for my wife with stage IV breast cancer. Please let me know if you found any information on compensation for caregivers. Thankyou.

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Jeanette~ Check out the page below - there are some links that may be able to assist you.
Louisville, KY - assistance

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Jeanette~ Have you tried any of the Veterans assistance organizations? Also please check with the origanizations on my homepage - they may be able to assist as well.
veterans service organizations

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This message it to Enterprise227~ I have read your "message" and I await your reply. Please refer to your homepage and messages. Thank you

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Sheep! The will to lead is a starting point, knowing where to lead the to is quite a different thing. To my surprise i had something fun happen not to long ago, i found it extremely amusing because it came down to some of the things i have been talking about on this blog. I had just come in with a flight, as the people where walking towards the terminal building the people in front got a little worried that they were not going the right way, so i walked in front of them all because i knew where i was going and what i wanted to do. Now the difference between me and most of those people was that i was going to the smoking room at the airport and they were heading for passport control. As i walked in front of all those people, I wasn't thinking about the fact that in reality they were not going to the point they wanted, they were following me, coincidently the man directly behind me was also going to the smoking room so he followed me directly in there, but all of a sudden we say about 10 people heading in there and then looking surprised when they realized they were not where they wanted to be. Me and the other guy had a few laughs about it and when i came out of the airport I met my boss I had run away from to be able to smoke, started talking about it also. Because he was the last in that line of people and he was the only one that went directly the other way were the corridor split. It had been right in line with our discussion about how you make leaders. So once again I will ask the question, who are you following and what are the leaders in your life, are they truly leaders or are you just following whatever is in front of them at the time? How do you make a leader, what is it that leaders have that makes people follow them? Do you know the difference? I remember reading somewhere that you have to back away from the tree to see the wood, it makes sense today, cause if you don't see the woods you don't know if you are standing behind the first or last tree. How is the best way to find out where people are going? That is a question worth thinking about, most should already know the answer. 8:1 1 AM - 1 Comments - 0 Kudos - Add Comment ENTERPRISES,LLC Praise God. Someone has figured it out. We are soooo confused, yes. So much so, that we continuously follow the wrong beings, the wrong ideas and the wrong roads for the wrong reasons. The question ; then, becomes, not whether or not we are a good leader, or a leader at all. It's whether or not people know who or what to follow. They obviously don't. After all, what color is a leader?How tall is a leader? How is a leader dressed? How much money does a leader have? And just why are you following them. Jesus was only followed by those whom God had already shown the way... through wisdom and belief in the wisdom. Otherwise, given his financial stature, his dress and his gloriously simple teachings, would the few have followed him? It is sad that when God sent; the boat, the helicopter, and the plane, no one had the common sense or the belief and wisdom to get on board. This shows just how much satan has confused and mangled our senses.... Which is our way of deciding who and what we should follow. As in both the above cases, also the airport scenario, most will follow the majority. However, Gods other creatures were not given a soul of free will and therefore is not questioning how to survive in the wild. You'll never see a sheep, no matter how young, go behind a pack of lions. No confusion there! Satan continues to speak with forked tongue and some of us continue to listen. We need to be less afraid to lead for fear of going the wrong way. We should have faith. Thank you sir for your enlightenment.......For while the masses continue to go the wrong way, I send a message that is never received! Posted by ENTERPRISES,LLC on November 4, 2006 - Saturday at 10:44 AM [Reply to this]